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    The L’Oreal Professional X-Tenso Moisturist Straightener Cream is our most popular 2 step straightening cream for both guys and gals of all hair types.

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    Salon grade streatment

    Professional Japanese Straightening from Shiseido, 2 step hair straightening for permanently straight hair

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    Our newest Korean permanent straightening cream can give you a smoother look or sleek results.

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Permanent Hair Straightening
Flat Irons and Appliances

Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

BessiaGlobal brings you the finest hair care products, flat iron models and permanent straightening products from around the world. Our goal is to help you get the products that you need to bring out the best in your hair whether you want to try one of the hottest Asian hairstyles that are popular today, wish to straighten and tame unruly curls or get just back from the salon results at home. We have a diverse range of products sourced from all over the world from top brands like Shiseido, L’Oreal Paris Professional and more.

Permanent Hair Straightening at Home

If you have wavy, kinky or curly locks and want to get poker straight, silky locks like those popular in Asian hairstyles, you can wake up every day and use a flat iron, but that can quickly take a toll on your hair. Repeated exposure to high heat can leave your locks dry and damaged and far more prone to frizz. Fortunately, there is an alternative to daily use of the flat iron for those whose hair has begun to look stressed from heat. BessiaGlobal brings you permanent hair straightening products that relax the hair without the use of the very harsh chemicals found in traditional relaxers used in ethnic hair care. The permanent hair straightening hair care products are from professional brands like Shiseido, so you can be sure that they will bring the best results.

Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment Products

The best Asian hairstyles are prized for being shiny, sleek and straight, but many Asian women use a beauty secret to get that perfectly straight natural look. That secret is Japanese hair straightening, a form of permanent hair straightening that uses healthy ingredients that actually strengthen the locks while removing curl, waves and kinks. When performed with high quality hair care products like those made by Shiseido, Japanese hair straightening can give you that smooth, straight look for up to 2 months. Now, you can experience the secret to getting gorgeously straight tresses like those found in hot Asian hairstyles with the Japanese hair straightening products sold here at Bessia Global.

Hair Care Products to Restore Health to Your Locks

Frizz, brittleness, a lack of shine and split ends are all signs that your hair is suffering from damage. Your locks can become damaged by many things from overusing thermal styling tools to dyeing your hair too frequently to exposing your hair to the sun on a regular basis. No matter what is causing your hair to look less than its best, Bessia Global has the hair care products that you need to revive your tresses and help them to look their best again. We have sought out the very best treatment products from every corner of the globe and brought them together into one collection to help you restore your hair to good health and reap the benefits in terms of improved manageability, greater volume and a more noticeable shine.

Color Products to Reinvent Your Locks

Hair color can completely transform your entire appearance and is perfect for helping you get a new look or to cover gray growth. Traditional dye hair care products that are considered to be permanent formulas contain very harsh chemicals that can greatly damage the strands over time. If you’re concerned about the health of your hair, make the switch to the hair color products found here at Bessia Global. We carry semi-permanent color hair care products, which are free of the strong chemicals found in permanent formulas. We also carry natural hair dyes that use plants like henna to color the tresses. These formulas are safe to use in the weeks following most permanent hair straightening products.

The Latest Flat Iron and Hair Styling Appliances

Japanese hair straightening products like the breakthrough system from Shiseido and most other permanent hair straightening products require the use of a ceramic flat iron. These thermal styling tools are used to break the chemical bonds that cause hair to curl, so that they can reform in a straight alignment from the effects of the ingredients in the permanent hair straightening formulas. Bessia Global makes it easy to get the perfect flat iron to use with a Japanese or permanent hair straightening product to get the best results when creating American or Asian hairstyles. We have a selection of top quality thermal styling tools from the best brands on the market with straightening irons and curling irons in our collection. These products use the latest technology to deliver results while reducing frizz, promoting shine and helping to protect the hair from heat.
Exclusive Formulas for Unbelievable Results
Bessia Global is committed to bringing you the finest hair care products on the market. We have a number of products from Shiseido and other brands that you cannot find anywhere else on the Internet. Our relationship with brands throughout Southeast Asia allows us to bring exclusive treatments, hair color products and Japanese hair straightening products to you.

Expert Assistance to Meet Your Needs

At Bessia Global, we know that many people are only now beginning to discover the benefits of Japanese hair straightening and other straightening techniques for creating Asian hairstyles and other hot hairdos. You may have questions about which of our hair care products would be best to help you get a particular style, or you may be uncertain what types of tools you need. As experts in the products that we sell, we’re here to advise you and provide the assistance and support that you require. If you need tips on how to use the flat iron during a straightening treatment, need help picking the right hair color shade or wish to know more about any of the products that we carry before or after you buy, you can get in touch with us using the “Contact Us” page. We also have a blog full of tips on how to use many of our products and general information about hair care.

Quality and Purity Guaranteed

All of the formulas that you find in the collection here at BessiaGlobal are pure formulas made by the actual manufacturers. We are authorized dealers with brands like Shiseido, so you can be certain that you’re getting genuine formulas when you shop with us. Our number one goal is to make you completely satisfied with your purchase. We even offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to give you peace of mind. If you’re unhappy with a permanent hair straightening product or any other product that you purchase from us, we’ll refund your money without any hassle. This way you can shop with peace of mind.
If you’re ready to reinvent your hair to try the latest American, European or Asian hairstyles, it’s time for you to discover the high quality hair care products in the collection here at Global Bessia. Shop our complete line of top quality Japanese hair straightening products, flat iron models and other products from the biggest brands in the industry like Shiseido and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance selecting the best permanent hair straightening, treatment, color or thermal styling products for your needs. We’ll be glad to assist you in any way that we can.

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